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What Happens during a Home Survey?

A Euro Water Solutions representative will visit your home at a time that suits you and show you the difference between hard and soft water. You’ll find it an eye opening experience, seeing and feeling the amazing benefits of soft water for yourself, and all from the comfort of your own home.

During the home survey we will:

• Check your plumbing system to make sure a water softener can be installed.

• Analyse your water hardness levels.

• Recommend the best water softener for you and your home.

• Provide a written quote.

• Answer questions and give best advice.

• Stay only 45 minutes.

We promise no pressure selling and there is no obligation to purchase.

Click below for more information and to see our checklist before booking a survey:

Euro Water Solutions

We are a well established business, starting off in Ireland and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding the right solution for you and your home.

We’re a dedicated business where quality of workmanship and loyalty to our customers is paramount.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

“I’ve had a Kinetico softener for sixteen years and would not be without one as they are brilliant.”

Mr & Mrs Murray

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