Protect Your New Home

If you live in a hard water area so many households in the Ireland, limescale could be damaging your home – its damage you can and can’t see.

From the obvious scale build-up on shower screens, granite worktops, sinks and taps through to invisible long-term and costly damage to heating systems & boilers, and to kitchen appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

If you’re investing in a new kitchen or bathroom, don’t overlook the water! It’s an integral part of any kitchen or bathroom and they won’t stay looking new for long if you have hard water – you can say goodbye to those shiny taps, sparkling draining boards, free-flowing showers and smear free shower screens – in 6 months time you will certainly see the effects of hard water. Installing a water softener; can protect your investment and ultimately save you time spent on cleaning.

Say goodbye to limescale and see how you can protect your home and your wallet.

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